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Teams Strategy from Avanade Microsoft and AvePoint

Last week, a great team gathered from AvePoint (Dux), Avanade (Michelle Caldwell), and Microsoft (Dan Stevens) gave a great webinar that covered a demo of Microsoft Teams and a conversation around company strategy for Teams - why it is imperative that organizations that are focused on enabling on-demand collaboration are including Microsoft Teams in their planning. 

A couple of significant areas to listen for:

  • Michelle's description of generational differences as related to use of collaboration tools beginning at about 12:30 minutes.
  • Michelle's wrap up statement was great - If there are only two sentences to share about Teams with customers, these are those two concepts.

"Embrace the change. And if your employees are happy, your business will succeed. And give your employees flexibility. They know best how to get their work done and what they need in order to do it. So enabling that for them will be a big success for your business."
  • Dan's description of the architecture behind chat and related to Skype beginning at about 32 minutes. 

  • Dux' introduction to "The Three Dimensions of Determination Affecting When to Use What" relating to Teams, Yammer, and Email, beginning at about 45 minutes. 

    • Audience Size

    • Conversation Tone

    • Conversation Speed


Link to Webinar Web Page - Watch the recording on this page, also find associated Teams-related links.

Dux Raymond Sy, CTO AvePoint (@meetdux)
Dan Stevenson, GPM Microsoft (@DanSkype)
Michelle Caldwell, Director Avanade (@ShelleCaldwell)

Link to Slides on Slideshare