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Alpine Lakes Digital is a management consulting firm that helps large and medium sized enterprises ensure that their investments in Office 365 and cloud technologies are having a beneficial impact on productivity and that employees are able to leverage the technology investments to accomplish great things more often.

We provide Strategy and Business Analysis services to help your organization to select the right technology projects with the right scope and direction to accompany a clear and defined strategy to reach your vision of productivity. 

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Technology Moves Pretty Fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. 




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Areas of Practice

Office 365 Strategy

You have purchased Office 365, you have leveraged the Fast Track Center to connect your user directory and have migrated email and some of your SharePoint content. You find yourself thinking, "What do I do next?"  That’s where we come in.

user acceptance

Demystifying today's technology seems like an art and a science. there must be a better way. Let us help you develop the right path for user training and technology acceptance. At the end of the day, how your people use your technology is profoundly personal. 

Automation and Chat Bots

Office 365 and Microsoft Teams provides a canvas for business automation. Let's customize a chatbot for your specific employee or external partner or customer scenario. Move collaboration from the file server to the Strato-Chato-Sphere.

Business Processes and Integration

Questions about Workflow? Questions about how your existing business processes will map to the world of Office 365? You have real work to get done, and often planning for integration with line of business applications can be overlooked. We can help you be certain that the important is being done.


Video is the new currency, it seems, for conversation, for training, and for management. Let us help you establish a video portal for your executive town hall meetings, for employee training, and for department and team information sharing.  

Governance and Policy assurance

Your business policies are established for a reason. Technology should allow for policy enforcement without slowing productivity. A governance and policy technology review around Office 365 and your information assets and processes will provide a path towards seamless monitoring and protection. 


Companies succeeding at digital transformation are doing four things: Becoming more engaged with their customers, Empowering their employees, Optimizing how they run their business operations and Transforming the products and services they offer using digital content.
— Satya Nadella


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